Revisiting a UBC Boathouse Wedding

Spring wedding // John M.S. Lecky UBC Boathouse  // Vancouver, Canada

Time flies…and for this lovely couple, Meggie and Matt, it’s already been more than one year since their beautiful UBC Boathouse wedding.

Situated along the Fraser River in the city of Richmond, the John M.S. Lecky UBC Boathouse is a picturesque venue for special events such as weddings. The hall could seat up to 150 guests and be rented until 3:00 am. The venue also has pockets of areas where bridal portraits can be taken if the couple is out of time. During the summer, wedding ceremonies can be held by the dock; but since the weather was being naughty, the couple played it safe and held the ceremony indoors.

I recently had a chat with Meggie, who shared with me why they chose to have a UBC Boathouse wedding.

“When we started looking around, we found that venues that have an “all-in package” (where you need to use their own caterer, bar, etc.) would really break our budget. We could do it but we will end up not having an open bar, less budget on other items, which we really didn’t want to do because we would like our guests not to pay for their drinks and have fun!”

“So we started looking at places where you rent out the venue separately, bring your own caterer and hire your own bartender. I looked online and saw photos of the UBC Boathouse and the view really was amazing. It is rare to find locations like that where you can do what you want, plus have a view! A lot of the banquet halls around don’t have a view, just a plain hall. So that really sold it for us, the value for money and the view!” said Meg.

Their wedding theme was rustic with bright touches of the color coral. The theme was executed through the wooden items, chalkboards, mason jars, Baby’s Breath flowers, and the coral-colored pieces scattered throughout the venue. The female entourage donned coral dresses that further made the bride stand out in her beaded white wedding dress and pristine beauty.

Because of the success of their wedding, I put on my “talk show hat” and threw a few questions to Meg to help future couples get tips from people who have been there and done that.  


Q&A with Meggie


Most important to you and Matt in your wedding? 

It was important for us to have us and our guests enjoy without having them pay for anything yet not break the bank. Basically having something simple, but beautiful!


Wedding budget estimate?



Anything you would’ve changed?

Everything really happened as expected! I just wish it would have been warmer but I knew it would be cold haha but very thankful the weather changed and the skies cleared that one day of the week. It was perfect!


Best part in your wedding celebration?

Best part really was hanging out with our guests. We made sure we went around, danced with everyone and then take shots with our friends. Matt was walking around with a tray full of his favorite shot, Jack Frost haha! And our guests were hanging out with others who they didn’t know. After our wedding, we’ve been told by a few friends already that it was one of the most fun weddings they’ve been to and we’d hear about how they enjoyed being with a person they met there. Makes it all worth it!


How’s wedding life so far? 

It’s been great especially coz we’ve moved into our new condo which we’ve been waiting for at least 2.5 yrs before we got married. Nice to have our own little space that’s our style, as opposed to using what we’ve had in the past with our other places we’ve stayed separately. Definitely feel more like a team with decisions as a married couple haha!


Advice for future brides?

Make sure you spend within your means. When we did everything, we made sure we will not borrow money nor be broke after we got married. You would not want to start your life by building a bank account from scratch again. You can make things work within your budget, trust me, there is a way! And you won’t have to make it look cheap at all. There are available options in the market. 



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Fran Jorgensen

I love the Q&A with the bride! that is such a great way to include them in this feature! I love the fact s=that she said that one of her advices to future brides is to spend within their means, this is so true, so many people go into debt to pay for the day! This was a very well planned event and it looks like they had an incredible time!

Isabella Sarmiento

I’ll let Meggie know that her tip was useful! Thanks for reading and checking the photos.

Sarah Holladay

Happy anniversary Meggie and Matt! Your wedding day is absolutely stunning! Being on the water brings such a peaceful feel to the day. Great work, Isabella!!

Isabella Sarmiento

Thanks Sarah! 🙂


The UBC Boathouse in Vancouver, Canada is a lovely wedding location! And great advice from the couple about the wedding budget.

Isabella Sarmiento

Yes it really is a lovely location and unique that you can have the water and see the mountains without having to drive too far from the city.

Jan F

UBC Boathouse is definitely a picturesque venue! And you did an awesome job!

Isabella Sarmiento

Thank you!

Alicia Yarrish

How fun to hear more about the bride’s process and wedding. She shared an absolutely gorgeous day with her husband, friends, and family. Beautiful photos!

Isabella Sarmiento

Thank you! and yes I hope your opinion will be valuable to current and future brides.


The images of this wedding and that location are gorgeous! Maybe I should start talking my husband into getting our vows renewed there 🙂

Isabella Sarmiento

yes you should and if you are looking for a photographer to document that, you know one at least! lol! 🙂

Aubrey Bahr

My goodness, this spring wedding is absolutely beautiful!! I love their style and absolutely gorgeous photography!

Isabella Sarmiento

Thank you!

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