My Roots

This torrid love affair with photography started long ago when I realized that it was my best form of creative self-expression.  I started with film and absolutely loved the black and white film photography class I took back in university. I started to pursue photography professionally when I moved to Canada in 2010. 


When I'm not behind the lens, I go on hikes and trips with my dog, Poopa

If you’re a dog momma or pop yourself, feel free to follow him on instagram – @whereispoopa


My wanderlust takes me everywhere. Each year, I make it a point to travel to somewhere I’ve never been before, be it local or international. In 2017, it was my first time to travel to Spain and Vernon.

This year, I’m off to New Orleans, Portugal and New Zealand if all goes well! If you happen to be there while I am, let's definitely connect!

Dessert + wine

My incessant sweet tooth makes me naturally gravitate towards dessert cafés. Molten Lava Cake can totally melt away all my stress and block out those bad vibes.

My choice of poison: any medium to heavily bodied red wine.

If you happen to help me check off any of the list below, I’ll have a special treat for you. 🙂

– Helicopter / Hot Air Balloon (I’ll be happy with either for now!)

– New Years Eve Wedding (Earliest availability is December 31, 2019)

– Vineyard wedding

– Wedding with horses or alpacas

– Elopement (I’ve never done an actual elopement, but only smaller, intimate weddings)

Also, for places I’ve been to, but never actually photographed a wedding or event in:

– Pemberton 

– Banff 

– Victoria

– Sechelt 

– Mexico (The only time I’ve been there was in 2016. Would love to go back again and explore other areas)

Now that I’ve blabbered on and on about myself, I want to hear about you and your story!

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