A Mayfair Lakes Golf and Country Club Wedding in Richmond

Mayfair Lakes Golf and Country Club  wedding // Vancouver photographer

Richmond, Canada

A year ago from today, I had the honor of being the Vancouver wedding photographer that Ange and Ray chose to document their Mayfair Lakes Golf and Country Club wedding, as they said their heartfelt vows on June 24, 2017.

The magical day began with Ange and Ray getting ready with their family and friends at the Sandman Signature hotel located only nine minutes from theMayfair Lakes Golf and Country Club. Immense support and everlasting laughter of the bridesmaids and groomsmen filled Ange and Ray’s day with tremendous joy.

The entire wedding party and décor followed the color themes of Columbia Blue and Silver. Ange wore a beautiful white dress – if you look closely you’ll notice she had two dresses and not just one. I can’t begin to imagine the happiness Ange’s parents must have experienced witnessing their little girl taking big steps into her married life.

The venue was perfect, to say the least. The ceremony commenced at the majestic site of Mayfair Lakes Golf and Country Club, referred to as “the island.” We witnessed an eloquent ceremony surrounded by countless lush green trees and a beautiful pond with a fountain situated at the center. The sky exhibited its bluest depths with a few clouds.

We took Ange and Ray’s post-wedding pictures around the area where even the parking lot – made up of tall dense trees and vertical greenery was suited for some photos. Rustic wooden structures and the lake added further allure to the ambiance, while an ample amount of sunlight was the cherry on top.

After that, the guests, along with Ange and Ray, headed to the banquet hall for the reception. Sweet toasts made by the groomsmen and maid of honour counted down several memories and lit up the room with laughter and smiles. Brief speeches from both Ange and Ray’s parents brought them and the guests to happy tears.

The celebration continued into games and cake cutting, ultimately, leaving Ange and Ray to dance their night away as husband and wife.

If you think a Mayfair Lakes Golf and Country Club wedding would be perfect for your special day, write to me at hello@thisisitstudios.com for suggestions on beautiful spots around the area.




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