How Branding Photography Can Elevate Your Business

Telling the visual story of your business

What is branding photography exactly? And, more importantly, why is it necessary for your business? Let me fill you in! 

People buy from people, not from businesses. Your clients and customers need to be able to see that there is a person on the other side of the screen. Especially in these times when people aren’t able to browse brick and mortar shops as easily or meet you for coffee, it’s important that they feel they know you and your business from your online presence. Your branding photos introduce who you are and put a face on your business.

As a photographer, I love shooting candid documentary style photos where I can capture people as they truly are and tell their unique story. It’s what I do in my wedding photography family photography, and event photography sessions. It’s one of the main reasons why I am so passionate about branding photography. I believe every business is unique and the story of that business can be shared with an audience through beautiful images. 

What is branding photography? What do I do with the photos? 

Branding photography is the visual story of your business. If you had to describe your business without words, brand photos would be your answer. The photos you receive after your session will primarily be marketing collateral for your business. You’ll be able to use these images on your website, your social media channels, your print ads – you can even put one on a hand sanitizer bottle! 

Does my business need a branding photography session? 

In short, yes! I believe every business would benefit from having a branding photography session. Branding photography allows you to be consistent across all of your marketing materials. It allows your clients to make a connection, not only between your website and your Instagram page, but between themselves and you. Suddenly, your business has a human face and a visual story behind it. 

Branding photography also lets your potential clients see what happens behind the scenes of your business. With so much competition out there, it’s important to stand out by connecting to your clients through shared interests and values – which you can highlight during your session. It’s also important to allow your clients to better understand your business process, so they know exactly what they’re getting with you.  

When should I do a branding photo session?

The best time to do a branding photography session is when you’re ready to launch your website. That way, your brand visuals can be consistent from day one, and you can use them across all of your online and print platforms. While branding photography may seem like a large investment just as you’re starting to build your business, it will pay off. You can do things right from the get go and save yourself time and money on updates and maintenance later on. 

A branding photography session is also a great way to refresh, relaunch or level up your business. If you’ve recently made major changes to your business, a great way to convey those changes to your audience is with fresh brand photos. If you’re ready to level up from stock photos and graduate to producing your own original content, brand photos allow you to do that. Also if you’ve just realized your LinkedIn profile photo was taken in 2010, it’s time for a branding photography session! 

What happens during a session? 

During a branding photography session with me, I’ll be sure we use your time in the most productive way. My goal is to produce high quality images for you that tell your story and are consistent with the rest of your brand. 

My style of photography is candid documentary, meaning I want to capture you as you are with your authentic emotions. Not only does this mean a more relaxing experience in front of the camera for you, it also means a more genuine visual for your audience. A branding session may feel a lot like a regular day at the office. Only I’m there, looking for the best angles, adjusting the light and capturing the moments that matter to your business.

To ensure we capture the right moments, I do a deeper analysis with you before we even begin the branding photography session. I’ll ask you specific questions like what you are planning to do with the photos, what parts of your business you want to capture, and what qualities you want to convey to your audience. Remember: while the images are for you, they’re also for your customer. I will ensure that there’s clear communication from your ideas and your business values to the final images your clients experience. 



What do I need to prepare for my branding photography session? 

Great question! I’ve put together the ultimate guide for you here, “Everything You Need to Know Before Your Branding Photography Session.”


Ready to book your branding photography session? Get in touch to book now! 



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