Fall for Local No. 1 Talk

Here’s a visual summary of what took place last March 10, 2016 during the Fall for Local Talk which was held at the Aviary. This is my 2nd time to be involved with Fall for local’s events and so far, I am really liking the events that Kelly organizes. Not only do you get to know more about your community through your local vendors and entrepreneurs but the size of the event is just right where it isn’t too big that you’re unable to mingle properly with the attendees.

The theme of this talk was from Pop up to Permanent and it was nice to see that there was a mix of product and service oriented businesses in the panel which was composed of the Union Bridal, Tight Club and Hey Jude. To know more about the panelists, please see details below.

Emily Milardo, Founder & Owner, Union Bridal          IG: @unionbridal
Sarah Frood, Founder & Owner, Union Bridal             IG: @unionbridal
Keighty Gallagher, Founder & Owner, Tight Club      IG: @tightclub
Lyndsey Chow, Co-Founder, Hey Jude                       IG: @lyndseymariechow
Lauren Clark, Co-Founder, Hey Jude                          IG:@laurenannemarie

Yash Nijati, CEO & Founder, thisopenspace IG: @thisopenspace

Kelly hasn’t announced when the next Local Talk will be yet but in the meantime, check out their SPRING MARKET on April 10, 2016 from 12 PM – 6 PM which will be held at the Pipe Shop (115 Victory Ship Way), North Vancouver.

Door tickets cost $5 but you can save $2 if you buy tickets online:

Kids enter for free!



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