What better way to spend a weekend than indulge in locally crafted treasures and delicious treats? Last April 29-30, FALL FOR LOCAL held its 2017 Spring Pop-Up Market at the Pipe Shop Building in North Vancouver. A plethora of independent brands filled the venue with amazing items and inspiring stories.

Aside from being a Vancouver wedding photographer, Isabella of THIS IS IT STUDIOS, also loves to document events such as these and being a  business owner herself, she supports fellow local entrepreneurs and takes pride in helping the local economy grow. She met Fall For Local founder Kelly Turner two years ago and has been collaborating with her ever since.

I was fortunate enough to be able to  visit the market on its second day when Isabella invited me to join her. It was a bright and sunny day outside, but the event created its own sunshine indoors as the entire place radiated with creativity and craftsmanship.


Fall for local 2017 photographed by Vancouver wedding photographer THIS IS IT STUDIOS

I was fortunate enough to be able to visit the market on its second day when Isabella invited me to join her. It was a bright and sunny day outside, but the event created its own sunshine indoors as the entire place radiated with creativity and craftsmanship.


As I entered the market, one of the products that caught my attention is the Coast Protein Bar, which is made from…(drumroll)…crickets. Yes, you read it correctly. Why crickets? Elsa of Coast explains, “When you look at it from a nutrition profile, there’s a ton of protein in cricket — we have 65% protein per weight of cricket. Comparing that to meat, it’s three times more than beef and two times more than chicken. Crickets also have a high source of iron, more than spinach; high source of calcium, more than dairy; all nine amino acids and omegas.” 



Who knew those little creatures could pack in so much good stuff? The bars are being sold in two flavors: Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate. A friend of mine, who tasted them without knowing what it was made of, was surprised to learn that it was made from crickets. His genuine reaction was a telltale sign that it doesn’t taste odd or different at all. And for the nutritional benefits, it’s certainly worth a try.



Another unbelievably healthy product comes from Whisk Premium Matcha. If you’re like me, I used to think that all green tea and matcha are one and the same. Apparently not! In terms of antioxidants and nutrients, one cup of Whisk Matcha is equivalent to 10 cups of Green tea! Can you imagine?! Due to its specialized production process, the product contains a higher concentration of the benefits of green tea and a higher chlorophyll level which is a natural detoxifier of the body. Plus, it also has several added vitamins and nutrients that cannot be found in normal green tea consumption. And best of all, it tastes delightful! I tried the Whisk latte — the blend was light, sweet and refreshing…makes you want to break up with coffee and marry that matcha.



The delight that you get from attending the market is, of course, not limited to the palate. Visually alluring designs and intoxicating scents tickle your senses as you move from one booth to another. One whiff of Kismet’s Black Lava Salt Soak sent me to a place of utter bliss; while the brilliant simplicity of Konisastudio’s magnetic display prop amused my design sensibilities.


Brand Squawk tote bag
Brand Squawk tote bag
Brand Squawk t-shirt photographed by Vancouver wedding photographer THIS IS IT STUDIOS
Brand Squawk t-shirt

The event also caters to people of different lifestyles. For jetsetters, Aria offers an airplane travel kit that contains everything you need on flight and during layovers. For new moms, Little Lamb and Ivy offers unique Milestone Blankets that allow you to record the growth of your little one through a fun and easy way.  And for those who love statement tees, brands Tagulan and Brand Squawk will definitely give you a good chuckle with their creative clothing lines.  

Another great thing about the Fall For Local market is the evident support of the vendors towards each other’s businesses. I met a few vendors that carried products of other local craftspeople in their booths. One example is the House of Blond booth, which aside from providing a Braid Bar and showcasing its Ceramkore tools and Kevin Murphy hair products, also featured jewelry made by a local designer.

“Being in an environment like this where you can support other local businesses is super important,” noted Sarah from the House of Blond. “So the collaboration of this jewelry designer and us is just a great way for us to be able to amalgamate businesses. I do think that there should be a lot more of these [events] happening instead of [promoting] massive corporations where the small guys don’t benefit.”

Despite the fact that it was my first time to attend a Fall For Local Pop-up market, I immediately understood its significance and vision. When asked about her thoughts on being a first time participant in the market, Colette Richardson of Brand Squawk shared that she had a great experience. “Kelly’s done an amazing job at organizing it. Amazing vendors…so well thought out…lots of different types of things, not every booth is the same,” she added.

When both visitors and exhibitors enjoy the event, it’s a success in my book. I definitely look forward to the next! 

Love, Denise*


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* Denise is a Vancouver based freelance writer and editor. When she’s not switching her hat from being a wordsmith to a marketer, she immerses herself in writing songs and obsesses in all things furry.



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