A spring snowboarding engagement session in Whistler

     Spring engagement // Snowboarding  // Whistler, Canada

     Being a Vancouver wedding photographer for free spirited and candid individuals, every photo shoot is just as different as the next. In engagement photo shoots, there really is no rulebook to follow. I have long encouraged couples to have fun and be themselves in photo shoots since people look their best when they have an authentic glow of happiness, and smiles are at their best when they are accompanied by genuine laughter. And that’s exactly what happened during this engagement session in Whistler!    

     Soon-to-weds Raissa and Louis are both avid snowboard enthusiasts, that’s why choosing to do a snowboarding engagement session in Whistler was a perfect concept for the couple. As a fellow snowboarder myself, I was beaming with joy when they initially suggested this concept. I happily said YES! Thank goodness my snowboarding skills are much better now compared to three years ago! It was a thrill to capture their images on Whistler Mountain, especially with the couple already having specific views and places in mind. With keen faces, we threaded the blanket of snow in Whistler Peak, Upper Peak to Creak, West Cirque, Flute Bowl, Lower Franz and the Cheakamus Lake area.

     We all know that 2017 was an answered prayer for skiers and snowboarders since the mountain was blessed with tons of snow, however, clear days were sparsely given. On the day of the engagement session, we took a chance on the forecast and thankfully our hopeful optimism paid off. This was the one day in the week where it was forecasted to have a bit of sun and boy it did not disappoint. The bright blue skies and beautiful weather made way for great pictures and also allowed Raissa and Louis to enjoy a euphoric run down the powder white slopes.

     Though the couple has already been planning their wedding which will be held in September this year, Louis hadn’t formally proposed yet prior to the engagement session in Whislter. The groom-to-be surprised Raissa at the beginning of our shoot and made his romantic proposal at the peak of Whistler Mountain. The bride-to-be was beaming with joy and surprise as her future husband knelt down on one knee. The photos do not do justice to how scenic this looked and how it unfolded before my eyes. The absolute purity of the snow, combined with the tranquil fog, created an otherworldly scene at the top of the mountain.

     It was a memorable and joyous day for the couple and me; not only was I lucky to be their photographer for their engagement session in Whistler, but I was also fortunate enough to be the only witness to their formal engagement. I can’t wait to attend their wedding in Banff at the end of September!


First view point: Peak of Whistler Mountain

Whistler peak by Vancouver wedding photographer THIS IS IT STUDIOS


After a few “test shots”, this is where things become interesting 🙂    


She STILL can’t believe THAT just happened! Her expression says it all. 🙂

Now that’s done, off to the next location! View from Upper Peak to Creek where we had to hike a few feet with our snowboards. 

West Cirque and Cheakamus Lake


In search of pretty trees!

He says, “To go back to the ski lift, we just need to go where those tracks are!”

It was a little bit foggy the first time at the peak, so we took our chances and went up again in hopes of seeing the Black Tusk! 

Flute Bowl

On our way back, of course we had to have the village in the background – Creekside


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Beautiful Images Isabella! I love how magical it looks up there!

Thanks Caroline! I know it was so magical indeed! Especially since it’s been foggy and cloudy that entire month except for a few days 🙂 We really lucked out with the weather!

This is absolutely stunning! Congratulations to the couple- One of the coolest proposal shoots I’ve seen.


Isabella Sarmiento: IDOL!

Terry Sarmiento

Lovely Photos!!! Spectacular shots!

rogelio sarmiento

So proud of you iss

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