How to Plan a Cherry Blossom Engagement Session

One of my favourite parts about being a Vancouver photographer is capturing our beautiful cherry blossom season every spring. And what better way to capture it than with a cherry blossom engagement session? With the current situation we are in though, I wouldn’t suggest doing it within the next 2 weeks at least but feel free to read on how best to prepare. 

Cherry blossoms fill the streets of Vancouver every spring – a reward for us Vancouverites who survived a grey and wet winter. Because of their beauty and bright colours, I often suggest cherry blossoms as the perfect backdrop for an engagement session.

As I shared in my engagement session tips, choosing a location for your engagement photo shoot that is different from your wedding location is a great way to get a variety of professional photos. If you’re not getting married during cherry blossom season, scheduling your engagement photos in the spring is a great way to take advantage of this beautiful bloom.

Scheduling a cherry blossom engagement session

Unfortunately, cherry blossoms aren’t predictable and it’s hard to know exactly when they will be in peak bloom. The flowering is weather dependent and blooming can change from year to year.

My best advice for couples is to keep their schedules as flexible as possible. The more dates you’re available, the better your odds will be to get your cherry blossom engagement photos at the perfect time. Of course, this may mean coordinating the schedules of your Vancouver photographer and possibly other vendors like a hair stylist and make-up artist.

Raining? A little rain won’t hurt. This spring, Vancouver received quite a bit of rain. If it’s really coming down, you won’t be comfortable and it will show in your photos. But if it’s just a light sprinkling, the cherry blossom engagement session should be able to proceed as planned.

Where to go for your cherry blossom photos

This list may change from season to season, but some of my favourite places to capture cherry blossoms include:

  • David Lam Park
  • Stanley Park
  • Queen Elizabeth
  • Vandusen Botanical Garden
  • Buchanan Street & Rosser Avenue, Burnaby

If you’re not sure where to head for your engagement session during cherry blossom season, check this handy “Blooming Now” online guide. Of course, a quick scroll through Instagram will also point you in the right direction.

Scout your desired location a few days before your planned photo session to ensure everything looks just right. But remember, blooms will only last for a week before the petals begin to drop, so you’ll need to get in there fast!

For more engagement session tips, check out this post. And if you’d like to book a cherry blossom engagement session with me, get in touch!


Click on the image to see photos from this couple’s cherry blossom engagement session.


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Bhumika Mehta

This post is so insightful, thank you! Love the location tips too.

Isabella Sarmiento

Thanks! I’m glad you found it insightful. Feel free to share who might be interested.


Great suggestions Isabella, thanks for sharing them! I’ll keep it in mind for next year =)

Isabella Sarmiento

You’re welcome! 🙂

Monica Nelson

Oh I love this! Cherry blossom season definitely in full swing. Would make for a beautiful engagement shoot!

Isabella Sarmiento



That’s a great idea and a phenomenal photo.

Isabella Sarmiento

Thanks for the kind words. 🙂

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