Brock House Restaurant Wedding in the Spring

Brock House Restaurant Wedding  // Vancouver photographer

Vancouver, BC

What to Do When It Rains on Your Wedding Day


If you live in Vancouver, you know that good weather is a constant in everyone’s wish list. This is true most especially for big events such as weddings. Soon-to-wed couples and wedding planners try to do all they can to ensure good weather on the big day. Some people pray, some people do superstitious rituals, others even turn to science! But what do you do when the day finally comes and the rainclouds suddenly decide to pour?  


Well, keep calm and carry on!


For Jacqueline and Dan, their wedding was no exception to the erratic nature of Vancouver weather. Their wedding took place in April of 2017. Despite the promising climate of spring, it still rained on the day these two got hitched. Thankfully, the couple chose a venue that covered the incidence of rain. Their venue, Brock House in Jericho Beach, had a conservatory where the ceremony was held instead of the garden.


From the perspective of a Vancouver wedding photographer, I can say that the gray outdoors actually made the wedding décor inside more vivid and colorful. The overcast skies made the color theme of teal blue and orange pop out even more! Even if it rains on your wedding day, it doesn’t mean that you have to be gloomy about it. Take a cue from this couple and just make the most out of it!  So, the best thing to do if rainclouds gatecrash your wedding, is to just look at the bright side. In some cultures, it’s actually a blessing when it rains on your wedding day. Rain is said to be a sign of cleansing, fertility and a new beginning. So, no matter the weather, just carry on and try to make it better 😊


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Rain on your wedding day is good luck! And as you showed in this beautiful Brock House Restaurant Wedding it can produce some beautiful photos as well! Their indoor ceremony space was beautiful – I love all of the natural light!

Isabella Sarmiento

Thank you for your kind words! and yes, in my culture rain is also considered good luck which is what I told them as well! 🙂


First, I am dying over her dress and next he beautiful beautiful smile. You did such a fantastic job capturing these pics despite the weather! You are one talented Vancouver wedding photographer

Isabella Sarmiento

Thank you for the kind words!

Elizabeth Weitz

Wow! You photographed this beautiful rainy day wedding so perfectly! I love all the gorgeous candid moments you captured and those umbrellas added so much charm to their portraits! Lovely work!

Isabella Sarmiento

Thank you so much for the kind words!


The florals and vibrant dress colors really make this day pop with cheer! No rain could dampen this joy! Fantastic work, love this Brock House location too. Congrats to the newlyweds!

Isabella Sarmiento

Indeed! No type of weather can dampen their spirits. Thank you for the kind words.


Wow that wedding dress is stunning. Love all the pictures from this wedding. You are so talented.

Isabella Sarmiento

Thank you! 🙂

EJ Dilley

Gorgeous! I would kill for some overcast days in CO. This Vancouver wedding was captured beautifully!

Isabella Sarmiento

Haha I guess the grass is always greener in the other side? Thank you for the kind words! 🙂

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