A Brix and Mortar Wedding with a sprinkle of Cherry Blossoms

Brix and Mortar Wedding //  Vancouver Photographer

Vancouver, BC

Happy 1 year anniversary! Let’s take a look back at this Brix and Mortar wedding from a year ago today where these two tied the knot in the Spring of 2017.

For those of you who missed reading my blog post on their engagement, this couple is close to my heart because they’re both my dear friends. Their love story was one that unfolded before my very eyes and I was so blessed to have them choose me as their wedding photographer.

For those of you who didn’t know, Vancouver experienced the wettest April last year! It was raining all week, but by some miracle, the sun smiled on the couple on the day of their Brix and Mortar wedding.

It was a beautiful day to say “I do.” The cherry blossoms in David Lam Park were in full bloom, which made the perfect complement for the blushing bride and her entourage.

The wedding ceremony was held in a brick covered courtyard in Yaletown which is part of a 1912 heritage brick building, which currently houses Brix and Mortar, a fine dining restaurant and events venue. Aside from exuding old-world charm and character, Brix and Mortar was chosen by the couple due to the fact that it’s within Ria’s neighbourhood. During their ocular, the bride fell in love with the courtyard’s chandelier, which was further accentuated by the exquisite arrangement of their florist on their big day.

Everything fell into place as Ria entered the courtyard, looking delicately beautiful in her lace wedding dress. The entire ceremony was a success and so was the reception that followed. The guests were treated to a sumptuous spread, including a dessert table that featured Filipino specialties, to honor the couple’s cultural roots.

 One of my favorite shots of the couple is the one where they struck a pose in front of a mural that was painted during the Mural Festival in 2016. Call it luck or coincidence, the mural, which says, “It’s love baby,” was a reflection of their story and both their personalities. Currently, the mural is no longer there and has been replaced by another mural after their wedding.

Their photo with the mural, along with many others from that day, will be forever part of their story and will hopefully bring them joyful memories as time passes by. I truly enjoyed being part of this wedding at Brix and Mortar, and I look forward to witnessing the next chapters in the years to come.

Congratulations, Gino and Ria! You survived a year of marriage! 🙂 






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