A Westwood Plateau Wedding with an Entourage

A rainy day Westwood Plateau wedding // Vancouver wedding photographer

Westwood Plateau Golf & Country Club, Coquitlam, BC

A Westwood Plateau wedding with a big wedding party who made the most of a not-so-sunny day! 

When Carlo and Constance were planning their Westwood Plateau wedding, they probably imagined their June wedding day would be full of sunshine and warmth. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans! As a Vancouver wedding photographer, I’ve learned how important it is to prepare for bad weather and embrace whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at my couples on their wedding days.

So instead of the summer vibes they imagined, Constance and Carlo got a much more Pacific Northwest feel for their big day. But they were total troopers! These two, and their very large wedding party, braved the cold and the rain to take some beautiful outdoor photos.

Speaking of their entourage, Constance and Carlo decided to have a record breaking 20 members in their wedding party. It certainly was a party! While managing 22 people (including the bride and groom) may seem like total chaos, it was actually a lot of fun and the perfect group size for Carlo and Constance.

Included in the giant entourage was Constance’s brother, Ranier. Being her brother, Ranier stood on Constance’s side and joined her as a bridesman. This is something I’m seeing a lot of in weddings and I really love it. Wedding parties do not need to be gendered! You can choose whoever you want to stand with you on your special day.

After getting ready at Executive Plaza Hotel Coquitlam, Constance, Carlo and their large wedding party headed over to St. Clare of Assisi Catholic Parish for the ceremony. Following their meaningful service, we took a big group photo. Here’s a tip: If you’re planning to do a group photo of all of your guests, do it immediately after your ceremony. That way, everyone is already together in one place. If you wait to do it after family photos or later in the day, odds are people will be missing and it will be very hard to gather everyone for the shot.

The wedding fun continued on with a reception at Westwood Plateau. This is one of my favourite Vancouver wedding venues. I love the rustic feel and personally think they serve some of the most delicious food I’ve ever tasted at a golf and country club. Plus, this venue can accommodate large weddings, which is important when you have a 20-person wedding party!

I had an amazing time capturing Constance and Carlo’s Westwood Plateau wedding with their giant entourage. Despite the poor weather, these two could not stop smiling all day long. I’d love to chat with you if you’re looking for a Vancouver wedding photographer, rain or shine! Get in touch with me here.


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Bride and groom exiting the church after getting married in coquitlam



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